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INTERVIEW: Miss Mary-Leigh

Pin Up Originals


Continuing our little travel through time, lets work backwards with our 4th Pin Up Players/Originals model Miss Mary-Leigh. Mary Leigh came to my attention right when I needed her. Having cast 2 models for the project at the time, she volunteered for the project and helped give some perspective on which direction to take things. This walking piece of art, covered in magazine worthy ink, was the perfect mirror for our previous black suite and showed me how each model could be similar, yet completely original, to all other models in the project.

We sat down with Pin Up Players model Miss Mary-Leigh to ask a few questions about her involvement in Pin Up Players/Originals, her passion for photography and how her past year has been since it's release.

Photo: BlueBoxPix

AR: Mary Leigh! Good to "see" you again! So it's been about a year since we released Pin Up Players/Originals. Can you tell us a little bit about how you became involved in the project and what attracted you to it?

ML: Hey, its good to "see" you again too!! :] It's been a little while, but I believe I saw some of the pictures you had already done with the previous girls on Model Mayhem, and I was instantly attracted to the whole look and idea. I knew I had to be a part of it! I remember sending you a message about wanting to be a model for it, and was super excited when you got back to me and let me know you were interested. I loved the artsy-bold-line twist you put on the typical Pin-up look, and obviously the whole project turned out amazing!

AR: Pin Up Players had 2 solo shows, received write ups in independent magazines and was promoted all over the Tri-State area. Do you feel the project helpful to you as far as promoting your work?

ML: Yes, definitely. People love to see published work, and having a deck of cards isn't something you hear about every day. I think it helped that it was such a cool, original concept. And the magazine write-ups were an added bonus!

AR: I noticed when we first started you were no stranger to retro style photography. How long have you been modeling and how did you get involved in Pin-up?

ML: I started modeling when I was about 19 in 2005, but I didn't really start doing anything "serious" with it until a few years later, around 2008. First I just did a few Pin-up shoots, then modeling for some clothing companies, and eventually tattoo magazines, which are my favorite.

But I've always loved pin-up photography and modeling. Just something about the cutesy/sexy yet classy style, as well as the fashion and hairstyles always appealed to me. Recently, I've been doing more Maxim-style or tattoo oriented shoots, but Pin-up shoots will always have a place in my heart.:]

AR: We shot way back in winter of 2009. Since then you have been featured on even more magazine covers and have become a bit of a Tattooed Icon. How would you explain your style and what types of inspiration do you thrive on?

ML: Aww, a Tattooed Icon, what a compliment! Thanks! ;] Hmm, I always have a hard time trying to describe my style...I think its a mix of girlie/sexy/nerdy all combined, with some messy-yet-styled hair, and lots of tattoos all in one. ;P As far as inspiration, I'm really drawn to anything where girls look beautiful and sexy, yet classy at the same time.

AR: Aside from Pin-up, are there any other genres or themes you like to
explore with your modeling?

ML: As I mentioned earlier, I definitely like to do kind of Maxim-style shoots. Although I guess technically that's just sort of like a new modern twist on Pin-up. Still mainly focused on the girl and pose, with relatively plain backgrounds. I'd like to try some new styles of shoots though eventually, possibly some more outdoor type stuff, or with backgrounds I haven't worked with before... and maybe some different/more original poses. Its always fun to try new things, and change it up every once in a while.

AR: Tell us about your past year since the release. Have you completed any new series or been featured on any new covers for us to buy?

ML: The year has been an interesting one to say the least, and full of a lot of life-changes. A lot of good changes, and some bad, but overall I'm extremely happy with my life now, and look forward to all the amazing stuff to come. Since the release, I've had another tattoo magazine cover, and started modeling for another clothing company.

The most recent cover was for International Tattoo Art magazine, (which actually, I believe Zar also got a cover with! ;] ) I was featured on the December 2010 issue. And the clothing company is Alumni 2012, which was a really cool shoot. I also did another shoot for Heroine Clothing, was featured in a bunch more tattoo magazines, and I'm happy to say I have a few more tattoo magazine covers currently in the works! ;] I also was featured in the blog run by Renee Ruin, where she does an article called "Who's that girl" which deals with a lot of pretty tattooed girls, so that was also fun!

AR: Finally, what's next for Miss Mary-Leigh? Do you have any new sets
or print work planned for 2011?

ML: Lots more magazines for sure! Which I'm really excited about. I've also been talking to the company Purrfect Pineapples about modeling for them, so I'm pretty excited about that too. This year I'm going to be traveling the country going to various tattoo conventions with my boyfriend Myke Chambers. He's an amazing tattoo artist and I'm excited for all opportunities I'll have getting to go to so many new places. So keep an eye out for me on some more tattoo magazine covers this year! ;]

Miss Mary-Leigh kicked off her print career as one of the leading tattoo magazine cover girls and hasn't turned back since! This spokes model for H2Ocean & SOUR PUSS Clothing has also done print work for TATTOO LIFE, INKED, and TABU TATTOO Magazines, just to name a few. Adding Pin Up Originals, and the Spades suit for Pin Up Players to her already stellar portfolio is just another step in the right direction. She's in it for the long run, this one.

BIG THANKS to Mary-Leigh for the catch up time.

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